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August 27, 2007

Opposing Fronts Open Beta begins August 30, 2007

Starting August 30th, the Opposing Fronts Open Beta will begin. Anyone with a Fileplanet account can attempt to download and play the Beta. There will be key releases twice a week which will continue throughout the remainder of the Beta.

Currently the Beta allows you to play 6 unique maps with all four armies in a variety of match types and conditions.


Beta Patch fix list to date:

 v1.66 08/27/2007

 - Added American and Wehrmacht armies.
 - Numerous crash fixes.

 - A large number of balance and gameplay changes/fixes.
 - Reduced frequency of lightning.

 - Added Automatch (1v1, 2v2).
 - Fixed a bug that removed games in progress from the play list.
 - Various other fixes.

 - Added Angoville Farms (2), Etavaux (4), The Hochwald Gap (8)

v1.65 08/16/2007

 - Fixed several game crashes and further improved connectivity.
 - Fixed the missing Panzer Elite HQ model.
 - Fixed Panzer Elite Roadblock model.
 - Fixed slit trenches so they now provide cover.
 - Resolved the invisible Hadrian Glider issue.

v1.64 08/14/2007

 - Removed non-functioning CD-Key slot during account creation.

v1.63 08/13/2007

 - Fixed options screen to limit high textures and sound for the beta.
 - Fixed crash when applying changes in the options screen.

 - Added the ability to use the /whisper command.
 - Fixed a number of sync errors.
 - Updated code to latest revision.
 - Further improved connectivity rate and stability.
 - Fixed crashes related to logging off and leaving games.
 - Fixed a number of UI Issues (filters and screen flow).
 - AI take-over changes when a player is dropped from a game.

 - A large number of bug fixes and tuning changes have been addressed.

 - Modified Bernieres Sur Mer (2) to improve gameplay.
 - Added The Scheldt (6).

v1.62 08/02/2007

- Fixed port number to match Company of Heroes.


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